Do you want a pet that doesn’t bark, shed, drool on the couch or scratch at the back door to to be let out? Maybe you want something a little out of the ordinary! Stop in today and check out our current selection of reptiles. Reptiles make a great quiet pet that is interesting and easy to maintain when set up with the proper habitat. Our selection varies from week to week so stop in soon to see some cool new reptilian pets at the Heights Pet Center.

These just are some of the reptiles that have been known to hang out in our store:

  • Water Dragons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Chameleons
  • Corn Snakes
  • Anoles
  • Tree Frogs
  • Assorted Arachnids and Hermit Crabs

We sell domestically raised animals that are healthy and eating well. We also have a great selection of supplies such as:

  • Cages
  • Lighting products
  • Heating products
  • Cage decorations
  • Substrates and Bedding
  • Caves, bowls and dishes
  • Live and frozen foods of all kinds

Stop in today and we can help you select the pet that is right for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is just waiting to help you get started!